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From 1 July 2019, AGIS and Envista will operate under the Downer Group brand.

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Business and Commercial Support

A key success factor for every project / program is to determine, define, implement and execute a robust sourcing strategy.


Having a deep understanding of the various contracting mechanisms, procurement rules and best practices, industry and market segment awareness is integral to ensuring successful capability delivery and sustainment.


  • Defence Smart-buyer compliance
  • Procurement Evaluation
  • Financial Management
  • Tender Preparation and Evaluation
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Acquisition and Support Implementation Strategy (ASIS) Development
  • Contract and Contract Performance Management
  • Liability Risk Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • General Business Support


Case Studies

• As part of CASG’s SATCOM SPO’s Middle East CIS Upgrade Project, AGIS was responsible for the development and execution of the procurement strategy for numerous large aperture satellite terminals. To successfully achieve this outcome, AGIS developed the ASIS, Request for Tender Documentation, Tender Evaluation Directive, Tender Evaluation Criteria, Contract Negotiations Directive, Negotiation Report, draft and final Conditions of Contract, Cost Modelling and Financial Delegate Approval documentation.


• AGIS is providing critical financial, procurement and contract management support to CIOG’s FIeet Information Systems Support Office (FISSO). This function conducting small and large hardware and software procurement in support of Navy’s ICT environment, conducting all financial planning and budgeting management, and logistic planning and execution associated with all FISSO procurement activities.

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Copyright © AGIS Group - All rights reserved
© AGIS Group - All rights reserved
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Business and

Commercial Support