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Capability Development

A key focus of AGIS’s advisory services is in the Capability Definition space.


Recently re-termed Strategy and Concepts, and Risk Mitigation and Requirements Setting phases, AGIS provides integral support across Defence’s service headquarters, VCDF Group, CIO Group and SP&I Group in this space. As part of this, AGIS pulls together information ranging from government strategic direction down to SME input at the end user level to develop robust artefacts needed to define new capabilities and seek necessary approvals and endorsement to expend public monies in the delivery of new capabilities and systems.


Capability Definition Documentation Development (CDDD) including:


  • Capability Needs Statements
  • Project Execution Strategy documents
  • Operational Concept Documents


  1. Business Case Development
  2. Capability Cost Modelling
  3. Ministerial and Cabinet Submissions for Capability Program Approvals
  4. Capability Specification Development


Case Studies

• AGIS is providing a team of highly qualified Capability Development Practitioners to Head Navy Capability, providing strategic support across Navy’s Integrated Investment Plan Projects. The teams is implementing new processes and procedures to align to Defence’s revised Capability Lifecycle post First Principles Review. Significantly, this team is authoring and reviewing Navy’s business cases being lodged for government approval.


• AGIS is currently providing a range of specialist CDDD practitioners to VCDF Group across no less than five key IIP Projects. These range from pre-Gate 0 to Gate 1 and 2 projects.


• AGIS is also providing a strategic consulting role to the New Zealand Defence Force, developing CDD artefacts for its range of communications projects, ranging from tactical communications to strategic SATCOM initiatives and beyond.


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